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Episode 27 FEATURED GUESTS: Sitka Seafood Market, Avangrid, AMG Vanadium, Adobe, Drummond

In this episode, viewers find out how Sitka Seafood Market delivers the freshest, most eco-friendly fish, why Avangrid built the nation’s first large-scale offshore wind farm, how AMG Vanadium recycles refinery waste to make better steel, how Adobe helps billions of people work greener by going digital, and what mining company Drummond is doing to keep its workers safe, and communities thriving.

Episode 26 FEATURED GUESTS: ANJ Group, Milestone Environmental Services, Anchor Packaging, Teck Resources, Schnitzer Steel (recently rebranded as Radius Recycling)

In this episode, viewers find out how ANJ Group produces sustainable palm oil, Milestone Environmental Services permanently sequesters oil drilling waste, Teck Resources keeps public areas safer from disease, Schnitzer Steel transforms cars into infrastructure, and Anchor Packaging improves food package recycling.

Episode 25 FEATURED GUESTS: Hyundai Motor Company, Infineon Technologies, Printpack, Gerdau, Evoco

In this episode, viewers learn how Hyundai creates high fashion from auto parts, Printpack protects perishables with greener packaging, Evoco uses plants to replace oil, Gerdau repurposes mega-tons of scrap metal, and Infineon creates semiconductors that help decarbonize planet Earth.

Episode 24 FEATURED GUESTS: Kraftpal, Turntide Technologies, Southwest Airlines, General Shale, GrafTech

In this episode, discover how companies are innovating to create products and services that help the environment.

“Graphite Electrodes: Key to Sustainable Steel”
John travels to Pamplona, Spain to find out how electric arc furnaces use graphic electrodes from innovator GrafTech to produce greener, fully recyclable steel.


Episode 23 FEATURED GUESTS: Ansys, Novelis, Chemical Industry Association of Canada, Zehnder Group, InQube

In this episode, viewers learn how leading simulation solution provider Ansys helps companies like Climeworks design greener processes; Novelis produces low-carbon aluminum; CIAC makes the chemical industry more sustainable; Zehnder addresses air pollution in industrial workplaces; and InQube designs durable, recyclable apparel.

Episode 22 FEATURED GUESTS: Citizen Watch Group, U. S. Steel Corporation, Blue Ridge Energy, Modern Niagara Group, VTech Holdings Limited

John travels to Tokyo to see how Citizen Watch Group uses sophisticated Eco-Drive technology to create light-powered timepieces that eliminate the need for regular battery replacement.


Episode 21 FEATURED GUESTS: SMS Group, Gildan, Westlake Corporation, ofi, Simon Property Group

In this episode, viewers learn how SMS Group helps steel and metal companies reduce their carbon footprints; Gildan Brands produces stylish, eco-friendly apparel; ofi grows sustainable, delectable garlic crops; Westlake Corporation keeps water flowing safely with PVC pipes; and Simon Property Group makes shopping educational, entertaining, and green.

Episode 20 FEATURED GUESTS: AmerCareRoyal, Triumph Group, Textron Specialized Vehicles, INX International Ink Company, Thermal Intelligence

In this episode, viewers learn how AmerCareRoyal makes easily recyclable food packaging, INX International Ink Company creates vibrant inks with minimal eco-impact, Thermal Intelligence helps remote workers stay warm and productive, Textron Specialized Vehicles produces versatile electric golf cars, and Triumph Group prints light, efficient 3-D aircraft parts.

Episode 19 FEATURED GUESTS: Multivac, Emperador Distillers, Texas State Aquarium, INEOS, OrthoClinical Diagnostics

In this episode, viewers learn how Emperador uses both modern and ancient practices to produce the world’s finest brandies, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics addresses sustainability while providing millions of critical medical tests, Multivac produces recyclable packaging that prevents food waste, INEOS Styrolution transforms tons of polystyrene into next generation products, and Texas State Aquarium shows visitors the importance of saving indigenous creatures.

Episode 18 FEATURED GUESTS: Novipax, Electrolux, LKQ Corporation, U.S. Cotton Protocol, Wurth Group

Innovative new packaging prevents food waste. Consumers buy greener appliances for the home. Recycling parts from 800,000+ vehicles. Growing cotton more sustainably. A gigantic global company works toward climate neutrality.

Episode 17 FEATURED GUESTS: Mubea, NexTier, JBT Corporation, Commercial Metals Company, OBJECT CARPET

On this episode, John travels to Attendorn, Germany to find out how Mubea has become integral to achieving CO2 neutrality in the automotive industry. Making cars lighter with newly-designed parts and components means less energy is needed to run them – resulting in lowered emissions. Mubea has also introduced an innovative e-Cargo bike, which should become popular with urban drivers – when cities reduce access to fossil-fueled transportation.

Episode 16 FEATURED GUESTS: Toyota Motor N. America, EMR, LifeMade, NW Pipe Company, iwi-Qualitas Health

One of the new engine technologies for zero emissions is HYDROGEN fuel cells- capable of creating electricity to power vehicles, leaving WATER as its only emission.

Meet a global leader in removing sustainable materials from the waste stream in one of the cleanest facilities for a metal-shredding facility that exists in the world today.

Episode 15 FEATURED GUESTS: Komatsu, Del Monte Foods, Veritiv Corp, MFS Investments, Smithfield Foods

Restoring formerly mined land to its native state, making sustainability a factor in every decision made in the life cycle of a crop, creating eco-friendly packaging for customers in a wide range of industries and the green world of opportunity in sustainable investing. Creating value responsibly by investing only in companies that truly have an impact on the environment provides us with the opportunity to sustainably invest in the future of our planet.

Episode 14 FEATURED GUESTS: Nilit, Marelli, Solenis, Dayco

Sustainable and eco-friendly apparel. The changing paradigm of sustainable mobility, from electrification to total autonomous driving. The sustainable use of natural resources looms as one of the most significant challenges of the 21st century. Sustainable mobility and the need for continuous innovation in energy efficient engines is driving us to a zero-emission world.

Episode 13 FEATURED GUESTS: Ariel Corporation, Husky Injection Molding Systems, Hannon Armstrong, Casella Waste Systems

In the fight against climate change, natural gas offers a cleaner source of energy. Many of the plastics today can be infinitely recyclable. Investing on the right side of climate change. Creating systems for the sustainable recycling of materials in a challenging market.

Episode 11 FEATURED GUESTS: Eastman, Oil-Dri Corporation, TC Transcontinental Packaging, Air International Thermal Systems

Tackling the problem of waste materials at a molecular level. Innovative and eco-friendly pet care solutions. Fresh and environmentally beneficial solutions to protect and preserve food. Improving air quality inside your vehicle.

Episode 10 FEATURED GUESTS: Hannon Armstrong, TC Transcontinental Packaging, Atlas Oil Company, Nutrien AG Solutions

Investing on the right side of climate change. Innovative solutions to protect and preserve food. Coming to the rescue when a natural disaster strikes. Technology and innovation is helping today’s farmers feed a growing population.

Episode 9 FEATURED GUESTS: Ben Bridge Jeweler, Bush Brothers, AEG, Atlas Oil Company

Ethically sourced diamonds. The unsung hero of the American food supply. The changing landscape of sports and entertainment. One organization coming to the rescue of devasting natural disasters and emergencies.

Episode 7 FEATURED GUESTS: SC Johnson, Blis Technologies, AK Steel, Jacobs

Cleaning up the planet’s oceans. Natural strains of bacteria and clean healthy living. The world’s most recycled material. The making of the most sustainable city in the world.

Episode 6 FEATURED GUESTS: AES Corporation, Sun Coast Resources, Home Builders Institute, Home Depot Foundation, Close the Loop

Providing safer and greener energy solutions around the world. Coming to the aid of those suffering from natural disasters. Industry and communities also benefit when helping our veteran warriors’ transition to civilian life. Reducing waste streams while paving the road to the future.

Episode 5 FEATURED GUESTS: PurLucid Treatment Solutions, Airborne Wireless Network, GE Ecomagination, World Wildlife Fund, Coca Cola Company, KBR

Revolutionary water treatment technology. Internet technology that may someday connect everyone on earth. America’s first offshore wind farm. A unique global partnership is helping to restore and conserve the world’s freshwater resources. Sustainable clean energy solutions.

Episode 4 FEATURED GUESTS: Native Energy Solutions LLC, Oxitec, Intrexon, Fairly Group, Cyrus One, IES Communications, Nalco Water University

The environmental benefits of digital oil fields. The fight against deadly viral diseases. Managing healthcare risks. Solutions for reducing large scale data centers, while keeping the world connected. Ensuring clean water for future generations.

Episode 3 FEATURED GUESTS: ZCL Composites, KBR, Airborne Wireless Network, Evinrude, Hydro One

Protecting the Environment from Groundwater Contamination. Sustainable clean energy solutions are helping rebuild lives and communities. Internet technology that may someday connect everyone on earth. Innovative technology and design for greener boating. Customers managing and controlling their energy needs.

Episode 2 FEATURED GUESTS: World Wildlife Fund, Coca Cola Company, ZCL Composites, Major League Baseball, Ring Power, Caterpillar

A unique global partnership is helping to restore and conserve the world’s freshwater resources. Protecting the environment from groundwater contamination. Our favorite national pastime stands up to cancer. See how large earth moving machinery reduces its carbon footprint and conserves natural resources while lowering costs. Challenges facing today’s farmers.

Episode 1 FEATURED GUESTS: Skanska USA, City of Los Angeles, BHP Billiton, Nature Conservancy, Beckman Coulter Diagnostics, Florida Health Experience, Evinrude

A greener way to travel and live in LA. World’s leading resources firm partners with the Nature Conservancy. Diagnostic testing is the foundation of patient care. Giving hope to those suffering from mental health issues. Innovative technology for greener boating.

A popular series airing on Fox Business Network, EARTH is an award winning produced television series that spotlights groundbreaking environmental initiatives and the innovative companies that are making them happen.

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