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Responsibly Harvested Fish

John visits Kodiak, Alaska to find out how Sitka Seafood Market brings wild-caught, responsibly harvested fish to customers. He discusses with industry veterans and fishermen, the importance of healthy fish handling and traceability, from water to boat to table. Sitka’s efforts sustain an important food source, and support a traditional, hardworking fishing community.

Featuring: Sitka Seafood Market

Silicon Valley’s First 100% Renewable Energy-Powered Office Building

John tours Adobe’s towering headquarters in San Jose, California, where the company designs software that helps billions of people work greener–using fewer resources and energy by going digital. Adobe’s new HQ is Silicon Valley’s first 100% renewable energy-powered office building, one example of how Adobe creates sustainable, healthy employee workspaces across its operations.

Featuring: Adobe

Stylish, Light-powered Timepieces

John travels to Tokyo, to see how Citizen Watch Group uses sophisticated Eco-Drive technology to create light-powered timepieces that eliminate the need for regular battery replacement.

Featuring: Citizen Watch Group

Sustainable Educational Toys

John heads to San Francisco and Hong Kong to learn how Vtech Holdings Limited uses sustainable manufacturing processes to make high-quality educational electronic toys.

Featuring: Vtech Holdings Limited

Eco-friendly, Ethical Fashion Choices

John travels to Honduras to find out how Gildan Brands produces its iconic t-shirts sustainably and ethically. He goes behind-the-scenes to see first-hand how Gildan conserves water and energy, and reduces waste throughout its manufacturing process.

Featuring: Gildan

Eco-friendly Shopping and Entertainment Centers

John heads to Colorado and Seattle, to see how Simon Property Group offers a more environmentally friendly way to shop, then ordering things online. Simon’s shopping centers are loaded with eco-friendly features, and become entertainment and educational centers for the entire community.

Featuring: Simon Property Group

Ghost Nets Endangering Marine Life are Given New Life

John travels to Denkendorf, Germany, to see how discarded plastic fishing nets called “ghost nets” that endanger marine life are given new life.

Featuring: Object Carpet


A Desert Oasis – The Next Generation of Farming

Our global population is growing by leaps and bounds- predicted to hit 10 BILLION people by the year 2050.


A Look into the Future of Green Mobility and Zero Emissions

One of the new engine technologies for zero emissions is HYDROGEN fuel cells- capable of creating electricity to power vehicles, leaving WATER as its only emission.

Featuring: Toyota Motors North America


A Game Changing Solution to Biodegradable Foam Technology

Today, keeping things cool has never been more important- from food & drink- to critical medical supplies.

Featuring: LifeMade


Climate Friendly Technology That’s Keeping Our Food Fresh

Taking responsibility for keeping our food safe and environment cleaner through the adoption of natural refrigerants.

Featuring: ALDI

Cleaning Up the Planets Oceans

A powerful partnership’s tide turning recycling program that also helps impoverished communities have a better standard of living.

Featuring: SC Johnson

The Green Wave of Health & Wellness – Cannabis

The health benefits of the cannabis plant and the future of healthcare. Relief from chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, PTSD, and cancer symptoms.

Featuring: Surterra Wellness

A Global Opportunity for Local Artisans

The art, beauty, and culture of exotic lands like Bali brought to the world and benefitting the local community’s economy, welfare, and development.

Featuring: JTV

Ethically Sourced Diamonds

With sensitivity to the environment, protecting flora, fauna, wildlife and helping improve the lives of indigenous people, learn how one company is ethically and responsibly sourcing diamonds and returning the land to its original form.

Featuring: Ben Bridge Jeweler

A Sustainable Journey from Farm to Plate

See how farmers today are partnering with global food companies to ensure a quick and sustainable journey from farm to plate to ensure the best quality nutrition in packaged fruits and vegetables.

Featuring: Del Monte Foods

An Unexpected Renewable Energy Program

An unexpected renewable energy program can be found at hog farms that creates energy and power for thousands of homes and businesses.

Featuring: Smithfield Foods

A popular series airing on Fox Business Network, EARTH is an award winning produced television series that spotlights groundbreaking environmental initiatives and the innovative companies that are making them happen.

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