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Sustainable Garlic Production

John visits California’s San Joaquin Valley, where garlic production is king. OFI, which stands for Olam Food Ingredients, works with farmers here to grow, harvest, and process millions of these tasty bulbs every year – satisfying consumers’ growing taste for food grown sustainably and safely.

Featuring: Olam Food Ingredients

Growing Cotton Sustainably

John visits a cotton farm in Louisiana, to find out how today’s crops are saving water, land, soil, and energy – while using fewer chemicals than in past years.

Featuring: US Cotton


Addressing Food Waste, World Hunger, and Global Warming

Co-Host, Andrea Ocampo visits Sandusky, Ohio to show us how JBT Corporation works to reduce food waste – to help end world hunger, and address global warming.

Featuring: JBT Corporation


A Desert Oasis – The Next Generation of Farming

Our global population is growing by leaps and bounds- predicted to hit 10 BILLION people by the year 2050.

Featuring: iwi


Challenges Facing Today’s Farmers

Digital agriculture and data science helping farmers around the world improve the environmental footprint of farming.

Featuring: Monsanto

Inmates and Chickens

The story of a family business, raising chickens responsibly and sustainably, and deeply rooted in their community forming a private/public partnership, providing a great opportunity to an often-overlooked segment of society.

Featuring: Hickman’s Family Farms

The Unsung Hero of the American Food Supply

Dry beans, a global food source provides protein, high level of fiber & a good balance of vitamins and minerals. They also have a positive impact to the soil. See how one family’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility is helping their local community.

Featuring: Bush Brothers

Innovative Solutions to Protect and Preserve Food

Over 30 percent of global food production is wasted. With an ever-increasing world population and food production, limiting food waste has become a critical factor for supporting a circular economy and the environment. Learn how innovation in food packaging helps sustain the environment and protects food.

Featuring: TC Transcontinental

Feeding the Future

In order to feed a growing population, technology and innovation is helping today’s farmers and growers worldwide, enhance yield and minimize environmental impact.

Featuring: Nutrien

A Sustainable Journey from Farm to Plate

See how farmers today are partnering with global food companies to ensure a quick and sustainable journey from farm to plate to ensure the best quality nutrition in packaged fruits and vegetables.

Featuring: Del Monte Foods

An Unexpected Renewable Energy Program

An unexpected renewable energy program can be found at hog farms that creates energy and power for thousands of homes and businesses.

Featuring: Smithfield Foods

A popular series airing on Fox Business Network, EARTH is an award winning produced television series that spotlights groundbreaking environmental initiatives and the innovative companies that are making them happen.

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