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Silicon Valley’s First 100% Renewable Energy-Powered Office Building Featuring: Adobe

John tours Adobe’s towering headquarters in San Jose, California, where the company designs software that helps billions of people work greener–using fewer resources and energy by going digital. Adobe’s new HQ is Silicon Valley’s first 100% renewable energy-powered office building, one example of how Adobe creates sustainable, healthy employee workspaces across its operations.

Sustainable Mining Operations Featuring: Drummond

John visits a rural town in Colombia, South America to find out how coal-mining company Drummond builds community trust, and provides jobs and education, while working to make its mining operations more sustainable. Their practices include CO2 capture, using low-carbon energy sources, reducing methane emissions, conserving water, and responsible land reclamation.

World’s Largest Refinery Waste Recycler Featuring: AMG Vanadium

In Zanesville Ohio, John learns how AMG-V extracts valuable vanadium and other metals from tons of oil refinery waste, to help steel manufacturers produce stronger, lighter building materials. Their innovations, and partnering with like-minded companies such as Shell Oil, have built their company into the world’s largest refinery waste recycler.

Delivering Renewable Electricity Featuring: Avangrid

John travels to California and Connecticut to explore how leading energy company Avangrid delivers renewable electricity to millions of customers. He explores how and why they built the nation’s first large-scale offshore wind farm off Martha’s Vineyard, as part of their contribution to decarbonizing our country’s electrical grid, and becoming a net-zero emissions energy company.

Responsibly Harvested Fish Featuring: Sitka Seafood Market

John visits Kodiak, Alaska to find out how Sitka Seafood Market brings wild-caught, responsibly harvested fish to customers. He discusses with industry veterans and fishermen, the importance of healthy fish handling and traceability, from water to boat to table. Sitka’s efforts sustain an important food source, and support a traditional, hardworking fishing community.

Packaging that Prevents Waste Featuring: Anchor Packaging

John visits St. Louis, Missouri to see how Anchor Packaging uses recyclable polypropylene to keep valuable food fresh, with the help of some ecology-minded kids.

Making Oil Drilling Greener Featuring: Milestone Environmental Services

John travels to Texas to explore how Milestone Environmental Services protects land around oil and gas drilling operations by sequestering a half million tons of waste every year.

Providing Critical Environmental Benefits to Metal Intensive Industries Featuring: Schnitzer Steel (recently rebranded as Radius Recycling)

John goes to Oregon to find out how Schnitzer Steel recycles all kinds of vehicles and appliances, to produce steel used in critical infrastructure projects like bridges and roads.

Producing Sustainable Palm Oil Featuring: ANJ Group

John travels to Indonesia to learn how ANJ Group produces massive amounts of palm oil, used in a variety of products – while conserving resources, and avoiding deforestation.

Preventing Disease with Antimicrobial Copper Featuring: Teck Resources

Andrea O’Campo travels to Vancouver, Canada to reveal how Teck Resources helps make our world a healthier place to live, through its “Copper and Health” initiative.

Turning Car Parts into Haute Couture Featuring: Hyundai

John visits South Korea to see how Hyundai’s “Re-Style” program combines recycling with fashion.

Recycling Mountains of Scrap Metal Featuring: Gerdau

John travels to Texas to explore Gerdau’s massive, high-tech metal recycling process.

Greener Footwear with Eco-Foam Featuring: Evoco

Andrea O’Campo travels to Toronto, Canada to find out how Evoco’s eco-foam makes footwear comfortable, and greener.

Strong, Flexible, Sustainable Packaging Featuring: Printpack

John goes to Villa Rica, Georgia to learn how Printpack protects perishable items with thin, flexible materials.

Semiconductor Chips: Keys to Global Decarbonization Featuring: Infineon Technologies

John travels to Texas and California to visit Infineon, North America’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer.

Cardboard Pallets that Replace Wood Featuring: Kraftpal

John goes to Slovenia, to find out how Kraftpal replaces wood pallets used for shipping and storage with lighter, more sustainable cardboard ones, without sacrificing strength or durability.

Building with Sustainable Brick Featuring: General Shale

Andrea travels to historic Johnson City, Tennessee, to explore how General Shale helps homeowners and builders construct greener structures using resilient, recyclable brick.

Decarbonizing Global Transportation Featuring: Turntide Technologies

Andrea visits England to discover how Turntide Technologies makes zero-emission powertrains for electric cars and trucks possible, while helping to decarbonize agriculture and buildings.

Graphite Electrodes: Key to Sustainable Steel Featuring: GrafTech

John travels to Pamplona, Spain to find out how electric arc furnaces use graphic electrodes from innovator Graftech to produce greener, fully recyclable steel.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel from Agricultural Waste Featuring: Southwest Airlines

John goes to Texas and Colorado to find out how Southwest Airlines invests in Sustainable Aviation Fuel made from corn stover, to help move the airline industry away from fossil fuels.

Clean Air for Productivity and Health Featuring: Zehnder Group

Andrea explores how Zehnder Clean Air Solutions improves air quality in work environments by filtering out dust, mist, smoke and other pollutants – which affect machinery and employee health.

Modeling Sustainability for Business Featuring: Ansys

John travels to Iceland to find out how Ansys helped Climeworks design the direct air capture and storage plant “Orca.” Ansys’ multiphysics simulation solutions help companies develop innovative, life-changing processes and products.

Making Aluminum Products Sustainable Featuring: Novelis

Andrea finds out how Novelis leads the recycling revolution by manufacturing low-carbon aluminum for the beverage, automotive, aerospace and specialty industries.

Designing Greener, more Durable Apparel Featuring: InQube

John goes to Sri Lanka to find out how garment manufacturer InQube designs desirable, long-lasting, recyclable clothing – and hopes to lead the next industrial revolution in apparel.

Supporting a Carbon-Neutral Pollution Free Circular Society Featuring: CIAC

John visits the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada to discuss its “Responsible Care” initiative. He finds out how the chemical industry strives to create a carbon-neutral, pollution-free, circular society.

Transformational, Sustainable Steel Featuring: U.S. Steel Corporation

John visits Osceola, Arkansas to discover how U.S. Steel utilizes Flex Mill technology and an aggressive recycling program to make lightweight, sustainable steel.

Environment-friendly Buildings Featuring: Modern Niagara Group

John visits Ontario, Canada to explore how Modern Niagara Group heats and cools historic buildings and a major sports arena with creative engineering and technology.

Stylish, Light-powered Timepieces Featuring: Citizen Watch Group

John travels to Tokyo, to see how Citizen Watch Group uses sophisticated Eco-Drive technology to create light-powered timepieces that eliminate the need for regular battery replacement.

Sustainable Educational Toys Featuring: VTech Holdings Limited

John heads to San Francisco and Hong Kong to learn how Vtech Holdings Limited uses sustainable manufacturing processes to make high-quality educational electronic toys.

Solar Power for the Community Featuring: Blue Ridge Energy

We go to North Carolina to learn how Blue Ridge Energy works toward zero carbon emissions and lower member costs by installing a high-tech solar power station.

Eco-friendly Shopping and Entertainment Centers Featuring: Simon Management

John heads to Colorado and Seattle, to see how Simon Property Group offers a more environmentally friendly way to shop, then ordering things online. Simon’s shopping centers are loaded with eco-friendly features, and become entertainment and educational centers for the entire community.

Sustainable Garlic Production Featuring: ofi

John visits California’s San Joaquin Valley, where garlic production is king. ofi, which stands for Olam Food Ingredients, works with farmers here to grow, harvest, and process millions of these tasty bulbs every year – satisfying consumers’ growing taste for food grown sustainably and safely.

Eco-friendly, Ethical Fashion Choices Featuring: Gildan

John travels to Honduras to find out how Gildan Brands produces its iconic t-shirts sustainably and ethically. He goes behind-the-scenes to see first-hand how Gildan conserves water and energy, and reduces waste throughout its manufacturing process.

PVC – Durable Alternative to Metal Pipe Featuring: Westlake Corporation

For 35 years, Westlake Corporation has made PVC pipes that keep safe drinking water flowing. Andrea Ocampo travels to Toronto to find out why PVC pipes are more durable and sustainable than metal ones – providing a great solution for aging municipal water systems.

From Green Metal Production to Circular Economies Featuring: SMS Group

John visits a small German town where SMS Group services the global steel and metals industry with innovative production technology and processes that contribute to circular economies, and significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Increasing Fuel Efficiency Featuring: Thermal Intelligence

Heat, power, and light are essential to keeping operations up and running at cold winter job sites. John travels to Western Canada to find out how the company Thermal Intelligence created a super-reliable portable heat, power, and light unit called the BASECAMP. This feature-rich, eco-friendly unit reduces fuel consumption and emissions by about 65% compared to traditional equipment.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle - Creating a Sustainable Healthy Future Featuring: INX

John visits West Chicago, Illinois to learn how INX International Ink Company makes inks and coatings for all kinds of commercial, packaging, and digital print applications. INX is reducing its carbon footprint through innovative product and process design, and by formulating natural-based, sustainable inks and coatings that have minimal environmental impacts.

Tooling Around Town and Preserving Green Space & Reducing Carbon Emissions Featuring: Textron Specialized Vehicles

Golf course communities are doing their parts to fight climate change. John travels to Atlanta, Georgia, to explore how E-Z-GO golf cars, produced by Textron Specialized Vehicles, use long-lasting lithium-ion batteries to reduce carbon emissions and waste. He finds out that E-Z-GO cars are also in demand for tooling around beach towns, condo communities and shopping centers.

Disposable, sustainable food packaging Featuring: AmerCareRoyal

John travels to Baltimore, Maryland to find out how AmerCareRoyal, a global resource for more than 6,000 disposable products used by the food service industry, makes degradable, easily recyclable packaging. The company’s PrimeWare products are made from sugar cane, corn, and bamboo fiber. This packaging makes food look appealing, keeps it fresh, to avoid waste – and it’s sustainable too!

Additive Manufacturing & Improved Sustainability in the Aerospace Industry Featuring: Triumph Group

Air travel is a major source of CO2 emissions, so John goes to Redmond, Washington to find out how Triumph Group is making aircraft weigh less. Triumph engineers are making lighter components by designing them with 3D printing – a process called additive manufacturing. Triumph is one of a handful of aerospace suppliers that make products for the industry using this process.

Innovative Solutions Ensuring Sustainable Agricultural Growth in the Face of Limited Resources Featuring: Emperador

John visits the Daramazas vineyards in Spain, where grape varieties grown since the 1700s are used by Emperador to craft the world’s finest brandies. He learns how Emperador combines the latest sustainable viniculture technology such as soil sensors, smart irrigation systems and drones, with ancient growing methods – to create perfect ecological synergy.

Saving Endangered Coastal Creatures Featuring: Texas State Aquarium

John travels to the South Padre Island National Seashore in Texas to find out how sea turtle rescuers are saving thousands of these beautiful creatures from cold ocean temperatures. They’re taken to Texas State Aquarium’s Wildlife Rescue Center, where experts care for them – along with all kinds of indigenous animals, including flamingoes, dolphins and ocelots. It’s a great place for visitors to learn all about how important they are to our environment.

An Intriguing Solution to a Serious Environmental Problem: Food Waste Featuring: Multivac

John travels to southern Germany, to discover an intriguing solution to one of the world’s most serious environmental problems: food waste. Multivac creates food packaging options that can significantly reduce plastic usage and utilize highly renewable materials – all while extending the shelf life of valuable food which would otherwise be wasted. These innovative solutions also offer high recycling potential, adding to their sustainability.

Closing the Loop from Plastic Production to Re-Use Featuring: INEOS

Next, John goes to Channahon, Illinois to discover why all plastic is not created equal. One company, INEOS Styrolution, is educating people about the many valuable and essential benefits of plastics like polystyrene. INEOS Styrolution is dedicated to advancements in plastics recycling technologies. From production to re-use, they are closing the loop to keep plastics in a circular economy and out of landfills.

Saving Lives with Innovative Diagnostic Technology Featuring: Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

From developing the world’s first tests for HIV and hepatitis C antibodies – to high-volume COVID-19 tests – Ortho Clinical Diagnostics has led the medical diagnostics field for more than 80 years. Ortho also addresses sustainability, with energy efficiency and water conservation initiatives around the world. By serving more than 800,000 people every day with critical medical tests – the meaning behind Ortho Clinical’s motto becomes clear: “Every test is a life.”

The Most Recycled Consumer Product on the Planet Featuring: LKQ

John visits a gigantic 21st century salvage yard in Casa Grande, Arizona. He finds out how LKQ Corporation, the world’s largest auto recycler, processes more than 800 thousand cars every year at their worldwide facilities. Recycled parts from these end-of-life vehicles include electronics, transmissions, tires, metals, headlamps – even usable oil. In all, LKQ’s recycling team scours vehicles for more than 130 parts that are resold rather than dumped into a landfill. They’re used for car repairs, or repurposed for new items such as playgrounds, steel parts, and roads. The result: less pollution and reduced global warming.

Achieving Climate Neutrality Across the Globe Featuring: Wurth

John travels to Kunzelsau, Germany to explore how family-owned Wurth Group maintains sound environmental practices throughout 400 companies in 80 countries, with a company-wide commitment to sustainability and circular economics. Wurth’s parent company expects to achieve climate neutrality by 2024 through expanding its electric vehicle fleet, using renewable energy, greener packing systems, and more. One example is Wurth’s 3D printing products, which allow manufacturers to streamline supply chains and distribution. Another is the company’s new industrial complex, constructed entirely of wood.

How New Packaging Prevents Food Waste Featuring: Novipax

Host John Holden travels to Grenada, Mississippi to discover how the company Novipax produces innovative packaging designed to prevent food waste. As our global population grows, billions of people go hungry while in richer countries, consumers waste a third of the food they buy. Novipax is working to create new kinds of packaging that extend the shelf lives of all kinds of food products, keeping them edible and delicious as long as possible. One new product is absorbent food pads that keep meats fresh longer by inhibiting bacterial growth.

Solutions for Reducing the Long Term Impact of our Homes on the Environment Featuring: Electrolux

Andrea Ocampo travels to North Carolina to explore how Electrolux, one of the world’s leading global home appliance manufacturers, makes the household appliances we depend upon greener. Today’s consumers evaluate the eco-friendly aspects of appliances they buy, with good reason. Our homes can have long term impacts on the environment. Electrolux is designing washer/dryers that help make clothes last longer and use less water; and refrigerators that keep food fresher. The company even uses less packaging to ship their products. It’s all part of their company-wide goal to reduce CO2 emissions.

Eco-Friendly Cotton for the Fabrics & Fashions We Love Featuring: US Cotton

John visits a cotton farm in Louisiana, to find out how today’s crops are saving water, land, soil, and energy – while using fewer chemicals than in past years. New sustainability methods mean crops can remain productive and sustainable for generations to come, while our drinking water runs clean. Bringing down the carbon footprint for an entire industry is a major initiative of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol. Its 500 members include retailers, brands, and agricultural interests, all working together to produce more eco-friendly cotton for the fabrics and fashions we love.

Ghost Nets Endangering Marine Life are Given New Life Featuring: Object Carpet

John travels to Denkendorf, Germany, to see how discarded plastic fishing nets called “ghost nets” that endanger marine life are given new life. Object Carpets uses Econyl yarn, regenerated from nylon waste, to produce beautiful, durable rugs and carpets for homes and buildings. The company recycles tons of material that would otherwise become landfill waste – while avoiding the need to use petroleum in producing virgin fibers.

Achieving CO2 Neutrality in the Automotive Industry Featuring: Mubea

John travels to Attendorn, Germany to find out how Mubea has become integral to achieving CO2 neutrality in the automotive industry. Making cars lighter with newly-designed parts and components means less energy is needed to run them – resulting in lowered emissions. Mubea has also introduced an innovative e-Cargo bike, which should become popular with urban drivers – when cities reduce access to fossil-fueled transportation.

Repurposing Green Steel into American Infrastructure Featuring: Commercial Metals Company

John goes to Mesa, Arizona, where Commercial Metals Company shows us how yesterday’s scrap becomes tomorrow’s steel. CMC uses an innovative micro mill process called “continuous EAF” or electric arc, to melt scrap metal – which requires much less energy than standard steel-making. CMC truly takes green steel to the next level – saving scrap metal headed for landfills, and repurposing it into American infrastructure.

Addressing Food Waste, World Hunger, and Global Warming Featuring: JBT Corporation

Co-Host, Andrea Ocampo visits Sandusky, Ohio to show us how JBT Corporation works to reduce food waste – to help end world hunger, and address global warming. Food wasted by growers, retailers and consumers often rots in landfills, releasing greenhouse gases. JBT is introducing new technologies for water conservation, freezing, preservation, and packaging, which greatly extend food’s shelf life.

Producing Reliable Low Cost Greener Power for the World’s Growing Population Featuring: NexTier

John travels to Midland, Texas to discover how NexTier helps oil and gas companies produce cleaner energy, to reduce their impacts on global warming. NexTier provides technology to boost higher oil extractions from smaller well fields, using natural gas as a power source. The company believes energy producers should compete to provide reliable, low cost, greener power for the world’s growing population.

Removing Sustainable Materials from the Waste Stream Featuring: EMR

We all know how important metals, plastics, and materials are to society in our buildings, infrastructures, and automobiles but what about when they reach the End of Life? Meet a global leader in removing sustainable materials from the waste stream in one of the cleanest facilities for a metal-shredding facility that exists in the world today. That MONSTER APPETITE for metal comes from an 8000 horsepower mega-shredder- 22 ½ million pounds of steel- standing 6 stories high- capable of crushing and shredding a car within SECONDS recycling over 10 million TONS of metals and plastics every year.

A Game Changing Solution to Biodegradable Foam Technology Featuring: LifeMade

Today, keeping things cool has never been more important- from food & drink- to critical medical supplies, the traditional foam cooler has been the standard for decades. Although until now, you’d have to sacrifice performance to achieve sustainability- but today, that’s no longer the case. Thanks to biodegradable foam technology, one company has developed a game-changing solution. A product that not only takes less energy to produce- but also ends up degrading and completely going away in a landfill in a matter of weeks. Now that’s Cool!

Safeguarding the Transportation of Water Featuring: Northwest Pipe Company

Nowadays the demand for water has never been more critical. As new population centers rise, the demand for reliable water sources also surges… but for decades there has been a substantial underinvestment in pipelines and needed water infrastructure. Much of our drinking water infrastructure in the U.S. was built in the mid-20th century with an expected lifespan of 75 to 100 years and will take an estimated 200 years to replace that aging system. Fortunately, a host of huge water-supply projects are currently underway that are safeguarding the transportation of safe water supply in North America. One company is bringing fresh ideas to a timeless industry, including seismic resilient joints for steel water pipe designed to endure a seismic event, like an earthquake.

A Desert Oasis – The Next Generation of Farming Featuring: iwi

Our global population is growing by leaps and bounds- predicted to hit 10 BILLION people by the year 2050. This is placing a huge strain on our agricultural land resources to produce food as well as our freshwater and ocean resources. To meet the demands that a new population will have we’re going to need novel agricultural practices to provide new food sources that don’t compete with arable land that’s already overstretched, and with freshwater sources that are also scarce. One of the answers may lie in the middle of the hot, dry desert of New Mexico, where a whole new way to farm non-arable land has been re-invented.

A Look into the Future of Green Mobility and Zero Emissions Featuring: Toyota Motors North America

One of the new engine technologies for zero emissions is HYDROGEN fuel cells- capable of creating electricity to power vehicles, leaving WATER as its only emission. As the largest container port in the Western Hemisphere, the Port of Los Angeles set a goal of zero-emission by year 2030 for any equipment that handles cargo and leads the way in what future GREEN MOBILITY will look like for our country when it comes to zero-emission cars, trucks- and yes- even boats. The research to create a zero-emissions world through hydrogen cell research has been going on for decades at Toyota’s R& D Center in Gardena, California, and is why the Port has partnered with Toyota to start testing that same hydrogen fuel cell technology in heavy duty semi-trucks.

Reducing Landfills and Waste Streams While Paving the Road to the Future Featuring: Close The Loop

Reducing landfills and problematic waste streams with innovative value-added solutions used in road construction of our Nation’s Highways.

The Fight Against Deadly Viral Diseases Featuring: Intrexon/Oxitec

Over one million people die every year from mosquito-borne diseases. The fight against these natural enemies flying around us is accomplished without the use of pesticides and leaves no ecological footprint.

Sustainable Clean Energy Solutions Featuring: KBR

See how sustainable clean energy solutions is helping rebuild lives and communities.

Earth Moving Sustainability Featuring: Ring Power/Caterpillar

See how large earth moving machinery reduces its carbon footprint and conserves natural resources while lowering costs.

A Favorite National Pastime Stands Up Featuring: MLB

In a cause for humanity, Major League Baseball, and its Teams & Players stand up to cancer.

Innovative Pet Care Solutions Featuring: Oil Dri

Learn how innovation has helped the environment and enhanced the life for one of the most popular companion animals in the world.

A Greener Way to Travel and Live in LA Featuring: Skanska

See how a commitment to sustainability and green building is making a positive difference in the lives of Los Angelenos.

Water - The World's Most Precious and Threatened Resource Featuring: Coca-Cola

A unique global partnership is helping to restore and conserve the world’s freshwater resources.

America's First Offshore Wind Farm Featuring: GE

See how alternative energy is providing clean energy and helping local economies.

Giving Hope to Those Suffering from Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues Featuring: Florida Health Experience (FHE)

Brain imaging, a unique and cutting-edge approach to mental health and addiction offers encouraging long term results, making a positive difference in the lives of those suffering.

Innovative Technology and Design for Greener Boating Featuring: BRP Evinrude

Starting with a clean sheet, see how a 100-year-old company’s concern for the environment has led to the recent development of innovative design and engine technology, offering more power and cleaner emissions, helping preserve our waterways and the environment.

The Foundation of Patient Care-Diagnostic Testing Featuring: Backman Coulter

A key player in healthcare and the foundation of patient care is diagnostic testing. Seven out of ten patient care decisions rely on the physicians ordering of the right test and receiving accurate results in a timely manner.

The Future of Sustainable Mobility is Here Featuring: Marelli

The changing paradigm of sustainable mobility, from electrification to total autonomous driving.

Improving Energy Efficiency for the Worlds Transport System Featuring: Dayco

How sustainable mobility and the need for continuous innovation in energy efficient engines is driving us to a zero-emission world.

Climate Friendly Technology That's Keeping Our Food Fresh Featuring: ALDI

Taking responsibility for keeping our food safe and environment cleaner through the adoption of natural refrigerants.

Water - A Resource in Peril Featuring: Ecolab/Nalco

Water University, a high-tech learning environment that teaches businesses to effectively be more efficient by preserving water, and ensuring clean water for future generations.

A Network in the Sky Featuring: Airborne Wireless

Filling the void of connectivity by creating a digital highway in the sky.

Revolutionary Technology in Water Treatment Featuring: Purlucid Treatment Solutions

See how Nanoflotation, once voted as the most disruptive technology in the world, is reusing wastewater while simultaneously recovering valuable minerals such as lithium.

Sustainable and Innovative Apparel Done Responsibly Featuring: Nilit

Sustainable and innovative apparel done responsibly.

Sustainable Solutions for Water Intensive Industries Featuring: Solenis

The sustainable use of natural resources looms as one of the most significant challenges of the 21st century.

Cleaning Up the Planets Oceans Featuring: SC Johnson

A powerful partnership’s tide turning recycling program that also helps impoverished communities have a better standard of living.

The Making of the Most Sustainable City in the World Featuring: Jacobs

Looking ahead, London is helping shape a better tomorrow by tackling complex problems today. See how London is on its way to become the most sustainable and connected modern city in the world.

Clean Healthy Living Due to Natural Strains of Bacteria Featuring: BLIS Technologies

Learn how the health problems of Professor Emeritus John Tagg led to the discovery of BLIS, the world’s first oral probiotic, meant to prevent infection before it starts through natural occurring strains of oral bacteria.

The World's Most Recycled Material Featuring: AK Steel

Steel is the world’s most continuously recycled material and fundamental to achieving a circular economy. See how one firms commitment to innovation has led to a more sustainable process for recycling steel while conserving one of Earth’s most precious resources – Water.

The Green Wave of Health & Wellness – Cannabis Featuring: Surterra Wellness

The health benefits of the cannabis plant and the future of healthcare. Relief from chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, PTSD, and cancer symptoms.

Having Fun While Learning About Sea Life Featuring: Ripley's Aquarium

The environment is critical to us as human beings. See how one of America’s top theme parks is teaching its visitors the importance of conservation and sustainability of the world’s sea life.

A Global Opportunity for Local Artisans Featuring: JTV

The art, beauty, and culture of exotic lands like Bali brought to the world and benefitting the local community’s economy, welfare, and development.

Investing on the Right Side of Climate Change Featuring: Hannon Armstrong

A premier capital provider is helping sustainably minded investors save the planet by financing solutions for projects affected by climate change.

The Unsung Hero of the American Food Supply Featuring: Bush Brothers

Dry beans, a global food source provides protein, high level of fiber & a good balance of vitamins and minerals. They also have a positive impact to the soil. See how one family’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility is helping their local community.

Ethically Sourced Diamonds Featuring: Ben Bridge Jeweler

With sensitivity to the environment, protecting flora, fauna, wildlife and helping improve the lives of indigenous people, learn how one company is ethically and responsibly sourcing diamonds and returning the land to its original form.

Coming to the Rescue Featuring: Atlas Oil Company

See how one organization is coming to the rescue of devastating natural disasters and emergencies, helping mission critical industries keep their operations running.

Sports and Entertainment & The Power to Unite People Featuring: AEG

The changing landscape of sports and entertainment, focusing on educating the public and fans on the importance of environmental sustainability and stewardship.

Innovative Solutions to Protect and Preserve Food Featuring: TC Transcontinental

Over 30 percent of global food production is wasted. With an ever-increasing world population and food production, limiting food waste has become a critical factor for supporting a circular economy and the environment. Learn how innovation in food packaging helps sustain the environment and protects food.

Restoring Formerly Mined Land to its Native State Featuring: Komatsu

Learn how a mining giant and an earth-moving equipment company have teamed up in a partnership called Growing Together, to create a  sustainable life cycle for mining.

Feeding the Future Featuring: Nutrien

In order to feed a growing population, technology and innovation is helping today’s farmers and growers worldwide, enhance yield and minimize environmental impact.

Improving Air Quality Featuring: Air International Thermal Systems

With air pollution growing globally, one company is helping drivers with the cleanest air quality available today.

Tackling the Problem of Waste Materials at a Molecular Level Featuring: Eastman

Two innovative technologies are at the forefront of addressing the needs of the worlds growing population at a molecular level, Advanced Circular Technology and Carbon Renewal Technology.

The Intricacies of Intimacy Featuring: LELO

Sexual pleasure is for everyone and can enhance one’s life, happiness, and health.

Managing Waste through Sustainable Recycling Featuring: Casella Waste Systems Inc

Creating systems for the sustainable recycling of materials in a challenging market.

Infinitely Recyclable Featuring: Husky Injection Molding Systems

Many of the plastics today can be used again indefinitely. The onus shifting from the consumer who has reduced, reused, and recycled plastics, to companies that now have a huge responsibility to transform how plastics are created and viewed from the start.

The Movement of Natural Gas Featuring: Ariel Corporation

In the fight against climate change, natural gas offers a cleaner source of energy. See how a family run business that lives by the principle of leaving it better than you found it, helps move natural gas safely around the planet.

Protecting the Environment from Groundwater Contamination Featuring: ZCL Composites Inc

Underground technology that protects the environment from potential groundwater contamination and reduces the carbon footprint.

A Holistic Approach to Packaging Featuring: Veritiv Corporation

As companies and consumers demand more sustainable practices, one company is manufacturing packaging in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

A Sustainable Journey from Farm to Plate Featuring: Del Monte Foods

See how farmers today are partnering with global food companies to ensure a quick and sustainable journey from farm to plate to ensure the best quality nutrition in packaged fruits and vegetables.

An Unexpected Renewable Energy Program Featuring: Smithfield Foods

An unexpected renewable energy program can be found at hog farms that creates energy and power for thousands of homes and businesses.

The Green World of Opportunity in Sustainable Investing Featuring: MFS Investments

An investment management company shows us how they create value responsibly by investing only in companies that truly have an impact on the environment, providing us the opportunity to sustainably invest in the future of our planet.

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