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Natural Resources

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Responsibly Harvested Fish

John visits Kodiak, Alaska to find out how Sitka Seafood Market brings wild-caught, responsibly harvested fish to customers. He discusses with industry veterans and fishermen, the importance of healthy fish handling and traceability, from water to boat to table. Sitka’s efforts sustain an important food source, and support a traditional, hardworking fishing community.

Featuring: Sitka Seafood Market

Delivering Renewable Electricity

John travels to California and Connecticut to explore how leading energy company Avangrid delivers renewable electricity to millions of customers. He explores how and why they built the nation’s first large-scale offshore wind farm off Martha’s Vineyard, as part of their contribution to decarbonizing our country’s electrical grid, and becoming a net-zero emissions energy company.

Featuring: Avangrid

World’s Largest Refinery Waste Recycler

In Zanesville Ohio, John learns how AMG-V extracts valuable vanadium and other metals from tons of oil refinery waste, to help steel manufacturers produce stronger, lighter building materials. Their innovations, and partnering with like-minded companies such as Shell Oil, have built their company into the world’s largest refinery waste recycler.

Featuring: AMG Vanadium

Sustainable Mining Operations

John visits a rural town in Colombia, South America to find out how coal-mining company Drummond builds community trust, and provides jobs and education, while working to make its mining operations more sustainable. Their practices include CO2 capture, using low-carbon energy sources, reducing methane emissions, conserving water, and responsible land reclamation.

Featuring: Drummond

Producing Sustainable Palm Oil

John travels to Indonesia to learn how ANJ Group produces massive amounts of palm oil, used in a variety of products – while conserving resources, and avoiding deforestation.

Featuring: ANJ Group

Saving Endangered Coastal Creatures

John travels to the South Padre Island National Seashore in Texas to find out how sea turtle rescuers are saving thousands of these beautiful creatures from cold ocean temperatures.

Featuring: Texas State Aquarium


Producing Reliable Low Cost Greener Power for the World’s Growing Population

John travels to Midland, Texas to discover how NexTier helps oil and gas companies produce cleaner energy, to reduce their impacts on global warming.

Featuring: NexTier


Safeguarding the Transportation of Water

Nowadays the demand for water has never been more critical. As new population centers rise, the demand for reliable water sources also surges…

Featuring: Northwest Pipe Company


A Desert Oasis – The Next Generation of Farming

Our global population is growing by leaps and bounds- predicted to hit 10 BILLION people by the year 2050.

Featuring: iwi


Water – The World’s Most Precious and Threatened Resource

A unique global partnership is helping to restore and conserve the world’s freshwater resources.

Featuring: Coca-Cola

America’s First Offshore Wind Farm

See how alternative energy is providing clean energy and helping local economies.

Featuring: GE

Innovative Technology and Design for Greener Boating

Starting with a clean sheet, see how a 100-year-old company’s concern for the environment has led to the recent development of innovative design and engine technology, offering more power and cleaner emissions, helping preserve our waterways and the environment.

Featuring: BRP Evinrude

Water – A Resource in Peril

Water University, a high-tech learning environment that teaches businesses to effectively be more efficient by preserving water, and ensuring clean water for future generations.

Featuring: Ecolab/Nalco

Revolutionary Technology in Water Treatment

See how Nanoflotation, once voted as the most disruptive technology in the world, is reusing wastewater while simultaneously recovering valuable minerals such as lithium.

Featuring: Purlucid Treatment Solutions

Cleaning Up the Planets Oceans

A powerful partnership’s tide turning recycling program that also helps impoverished communities have a better standard of living.

Featuring: SC Johnson

Ethically Sourced Diamonds

With sensitivity to the environment, protecting flora, fauna, wildlife and helping improve the lives of indigenous people, learn how one company is ethically and responsibly sourcing diamonds and returning the land to its original form.

Featuring: Ben Bridge Jeweler

Feeding the Future

In order to feed a growing population, technology and innovation is helping today’s farmers and growers worldwide, enhance yield and minimize environmental impact.

Featuring: Nutrien

Restoring Formerly Mined Land to its Native State

Learn how a mining giant and an earth-moving equipment company have teamed up in a partnership called Growing Together, to create a sustainable life cycle for mining.

Featuring: Komatsu

A popular series airing on Fox Business Network, EARTH is an award winning produced television series that spotlights groundbreaking environmental initiatives and the innovative companies that are making them happen.

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