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Delivering Renewable Electricity

John travels to California and Connecticut to explore how leading energy company Avangrid delivers renewable electricity to millions of customers. He explores how and why they built the nation’s first large-scale offshore wind farm off Martha’s Vineyard, as part of their contribution to decarbonizing our country’s electrical grid, and becoming a net-zero emissions energy company.

Featuring: Avangrid

World’s Largest Refinery Waste Recycler

In Zanesville Ohio, John learns how AMG-V extracts valuable vanadium and other metals from tons of oil refinery waste, to help steel manufacturers produce stronger, lighter building materials. Their innovations, and partnering with like-minded companies such as Shell Oil, have built their company into the world’s largest refinery waste recycler.

Featuring: AMG Vanadium

Sustainable Mining Operations

John visits a rural town in Colombia, South America to find out how coal-mining company Drummond builds community trust, and provides jobs and education, while working to make its mining operations more sustainable. Their practices include CO2 capture, using low-carbon energy sources, reducing methane emissions, conserving water, and responsible land reclamation.

Featuring: Drummond

Packaging that Prevents Waste

John goes to Villa Rica, Georgia to learn how Printpack protects perishable items with thin, flexible materials.

Featuring: Anchor Packaging

Greener Footwear with Eco-Foam

Andrea O’Campo travels to Toronto, Canada to find out how Evoco’s eco-foam makes footwear comfortable, and greener.

Featuring: Evoco

Turning Car Parts into Haute Couture

John visits South Korea to see how Hyundai’s “Re-Style” program combines recycling with fashion.

Featuring: Hyundai

Strong, Flexible, Sustainable Packaging

John goes to Villa Rica, Georgia to learn how Printpack protects perishable items with thin, flexible materials.

Featuring: Printpack

Building with Sustainable Brick

Andrea travels to historic Johnson City, Tennessee, to explore how General Shale helps homeowners and builders construct greener structures using resilient, recyclable brick.

Featuring: General Shale

Making Aluminum Products Sustainable

Andrea finds out how Novelis leads the recycling revolution by manufacturing low-carbon aluminum for the beverage, automotive, aerospace and specialty industries.

Featuring: Novelis

Sustainable Educational Toys

John heads to San Francisco and Hong Kong to learn how Vtech Holdings Limited uses sustainable manufacturing processes to make high-quality educational electronic toys.

Featuring: Vtech Holdings Limited

Transformational, Sustainable Steel

John visits Osceola, Arkansas to discover how U. S. Steel utilizes Flex Mill technology and an aggressive recycling program to make lightweight, sustainable steel.

Featuring: U.S. Steel

From Green Metal Production to Circular Economies

John visits a small German town where SMS Group services the global steel and metals industry with innovative production technology and processes that contribute to circular economies, and significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Featuring: SMS Group

Disposable, Sustainable Food Packaging

John travels to Baltimore, Maryland to find out how AmerCareRoyal, a global resource for more than 6,000 disposable products used by the food service industry, makes degradable, easily recyclable packaging.

Featuring: AmerCareRoyal


An Intriguing Solution to a Serious Environmental Problem: Food Waste

John travels to southern Germany, to discover an intriguing solution to one of the world’s most serious environmental problems: food waste.

Featuring: Multivac


Closing the Loop from Plastic Production to Re-Use

Next, John goes to Channahon, Illinois to discover why all plastic is not created equal. One company, INEOS Styrolution, is educating people about the many valuable and essential benefits of plastics like polystyrene.

Featuring: INEOS


The Most Recycled Consumer Product on the Planet

John visits a gigantic 21st century salvage yard in Casa Grande, Arizona. He finds out how LKQ Corporation, the world’s largest auto recycler, processes more than 800 thousand cars every year at their worldwide facilities.

Featuring: LKQ


Ghost Nets Endangering Marine Life are Given New Life

John travels to Denkendorf, Germany, to see how discarded plastic fishing nets called “ghost nets” that endanger marine life are given new life.

Featuring: Object Carpet


Repurposing Green Steel into American Infrastructure

John goes to Mesa, Arizona, where Commercial Metals Company shows us how yesterday’s scrap becomes tomorrow’s steel.

Featuring: Commercial Metals Company


Removing Sustainable Materials from the Waste Stream

We all know how important metals, plastics, and materials are to society in our buildings, infrastructures, and automobiles but what about when they reach the End of Life?

Featuring: EMR


Reducing Landfills and Waste Streams While Paving the Road to the Future

Reducing landfills and problematic waste streams with innovative value-added solutions used in road construction of our Nation’s Highways.

Featuring: Close The Loop

Sustainable and Innovative Apparel Done Responsibly

Sustainable and innovative apparel done responsibly.

Featuring: Nilit

Cleaning Up the Planets Oceans

A powerful partnership’s tide turning recycling program that also helps impoverished communities have a better standard of living.

Featuring: SC Johnson

The World’s Most Recycled Material

Steel is the world’s most continuously recycled material and fundamental to achieving a circular economy. See how one firms commitment to innovation has led to a more sustainable process for recycling steel while conserving one of Earth’s most precious resources-Water.

Featuring: AK Steel

The Unsung Hero of the American Food Supply

Dry beans, a global food source provides protein, high level of fiber & a good balance of vitamins and minerals. They also have a positive impact to the soil. See how one family’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility is helping their local community.

Featuring: Bush Brothers

Sports and Entertainment & The Power to Unite People

The changing landscape of sports and entertainment, focusing on educating the public and fans on the importance of environmental sustainability and stewardship.

Featuring: AEG

Innovative Solutions to Protect and Preserve Food

Over 30 percent of global food production is wasted. With an ever-increasing world population and food production, limiting food waste has become a critical factor for supporting a circular economy and the environment. Learn how innovation in food packaging helps sustain the environment and protects food.

Featuring: TC Transcontinental

Tackling the Problem of Waste Materials at a Molecular Level

Two innovative technologies are at the forefront of addressing the needs of the worlds growing population at a molecular level, Advanced Circular Technology and Carbon Renewal Technology.

Featuring: Eastman

A Holistic Approach to Packaging

As companies and consumers demand more sustainable practices, one company is manufacturing packaging in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Featuring: Veritiv Corporation

Managing Waste through Sustainable Recycling

Creating systems for the sustainable recycling of materials in a challenging market.

Featuring: Casella Waste Systems Inc

Infinitely Recyclable

Many of the plastics today can be used again indefinitely. The onus shifting from the consumer who has reduced, reused, and recycled plastics, to companies that now have a huge responsibility to transform how plastics are created and viewed from the start.

Featuring: Husky Injection Molding Systems

A popular series airing on Fox Business Network, EARTH is an award winning produced television series that spotlights groundbreaking environmental initiatives and the innovative companies that are making them happen.

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