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Turning Car Parts into Haute Couture

John visits South Korea to see how Hyundai’s “Re-Style” program combines recycling with fashion.

Featuring: Hyundai

Sustainable Aviation Fuel from Agricultural Waste

John goes to Texas and Colorado to find out how Southwest Airlines invests in Sustainable Aviation Fuel made from corn stover, to help move the airline industry away from fossil fuels.

Featuring: Southwest Airlines

Achieving CO2 Neutrality in the Automotive Industry

John travels to Attendorn, Germany to find out how Mubea has become integral to achieving CO2 neutrality in the automotive industry.

Featuring: Mubea


A Look into the Future of Green Mobility and Zero Emissions

One of the new engine technologies for zero emissions is HYDROGEN fuel cells- capable of creating electricity to power vehicles, leaving WATER as its only emission.

Featuring: Toyota Motors North America


Reducing Landfills and Waste Streams While Paving the Road to the Future

Reducing landfills and problematic waste streams with innovative value-added solutions used in road construction of our Nation’s Highways.

Featuring: Close The Loop

Earth Moving Sustainability

See how large earth moving machinery reduces its carbon footprint and conserves natural resources while lowering costs.

Featuring: Ring Power/Caterpillar

A Greener Way to Travel and Live in LA

See how a commitment to sustainability and green building is making a positive difference in the lives of Los Angelenos.

Featuring: Skanska

Innovative Technology and Design for Greener Boating

Starting with a clean sheet, see how a 100-year-old company’s concern for the environment has led to the recent development of innovative design and engine technology, offering more power and cleaner emissions, helping preserve our waterways and the environment.

Featuring: BRP Evinrude

The Future of Sustainable Mobility is Here

The changing paradigm of sustainable mobility, from electrification to total autonomous driving.

Featuring: Marelli

Improving Energy Efficiency for the Worlds Transport System

How sustainable mobility and the need for continuous innovation in energy efficient engines is driving us to a zero-emission world.

Featuring: Dayco

The Making of the Most Sustainable City in the World

Looking ahead, London is helping shape a better tomorrow by tackling complex problems today. See how London is on its way to become the most sustainable and connected modern city in the world.

Featuring: Jacobs

Coming to the Rescue

See how one organization is coming to the rescue of devasting natural disasters and emergencies, helping mission critical industries keep their operations running.

Featuring: Atlas Oil Company

Improving Air Quality

With air pollution growing globally, one company is helping drivers with the cleanest air quality available today.

Featuring: Air International Thermal Systems

A popular series airing on Fox Business Network, EARTH is an award winning produced television series that spotlights groundbreaking environmental initiatives and the innovative companies that are making them happen.

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